Joanne Ferguson - Community Transport Waltham Forest

Case Study - Joanne Ferguson

The Community Transport Waltham Forest (CTWF) Connection

Joanne came to Community Transport as a passenger assistant through one of our return to work partnerships with a local job centre in 2014. Joanne had recently completed her BSc. Special Education degree and saw it as opportunity to re-enter the job market after time off hone her knowledge and skills in a real world application while simultaneously gaining practical experience that would upgrade her marketability towards her desired job market. Joanne proved an immediate fit to the CTWF team and quickly built trusted relationships with the parents/guardians of our service users and performed exemplary in her role. After 7 months with CTWF the opportunity arose for Joanne to apply her skills within the school system and we proudly waved her off to higher ambitions.


Joined Community Transport Waltham Forest: March 2014

Left Community Transport Waltham Forest: October 2014

CTWF Training: PATS certificate, First Aid Training, Emergency Evacuation,

Current Employment Status:Special Education Teaching Assistant