Meet The Team - Community Transport Waltham Forest

Meet The Team

At Community Transport we take great pride in the fact that our staff are drawn from the wonderful and diverse communities we are a part of and serve; our Drivers & Passenger Assistants are highly trained and professional transport staff who are extremely passionate about the role they play to ensure that no one is left behind and has access to the full range of services and opportunities available in their society. Our administrative side is kept running thanks to long serving team members who give tirelessly to ensure that new opportunities for growth are explored, staff are treated well and the needs of our members met.

Helen Tredoux


Alison Fowlerlouis

Fleet Supervisor

Nicola Clarke-Lloyd

Finance Officer

Anoix St Cyr

Fleet Assistant

Margaret Augustin

Administrative Support

Tahleah Fowler

Media and Marketing Officer

Jackie Mattock

Newham Outreach Officer

Alison Skeat

Charabancs and Cadillacs Project Manager